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Opportunities Billboard connects employers, parents, job seekers and students on one innovative and interactive platform.

So much more than a recruitment service, Opportunities Billboard is a one stop shop for freelancers and job seekers – and the employers that are looking for them. We operate an advertising service to our our clients. Refer to our terms and conditions.

For Employers

Busy employers can quickly and easily advertise jobs on the site for free thus taking advantage of the most efficient way of filling those vacancies. We provide a full service from the designing the advert for you where necessary, supporting with shortlisting, arranging the interviews and so on.  We work with employers to fill their job, internship and work experience vacancies.

For Freelancers

Our site offers freelancers, job seekers and other professionals the perfect platform for showcasing their services, their availability and portfolios.

For Educators

Universities, colleges, training providers(SMEs) and by extension, course providers, in general, are provided with a secure space in which to advertise their latest courses, workshops and learning opportunities.

For Parents

Opportunities Billboard caters for young people in general supporting with academic and career advice within a professional network. We also support parents whose English is not their first language to make the best choices for their children as it can be a struggle to receive the needed advice on educational matters, referrals to local charities and so on due to constraints.

We are aware that many young people struggle to make a decision about going into university or paid work and we are here to listen to them and offer information, advice and guidance.

Additionally, we are cognisant of the fact that there are training organisations, professionals and resourceful employers all of whom can provide quality support to young people thus our partnership or collaborative work.

For Students

New and graduating students can access relevant jobs, courses and professional service all within one easy to use platform.

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Opportunities Billboard advertises quality learning and employment opportunities and is always happy to work in partnership with individuals and organisations that share the same passion.